Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)

The Oasis Center MDT program facilitates coordination across community systems including DHS Child Welfare and Self-Sufficiency, Community Justice, medical care, and substance abuse treatment to support families. The Oasis Center provides two-generational support through the provision of medical care, addictions treatment, child development opportunities, coordination of community resources, and healthy community building.

The Oasis MDT motivates and supports clients in achieving personalized goals that foster positive behavior and significant life change. Goals are re-evaluated on a regular basis to ensure participants are supported in their efforts to change, and individualized case plans recognize the unique strengths and barriers for each participant.

Thank you for all your unconditional love and support! I wouldn’t have been this far in life/recovery if it wasn’t for you and the team!

MDT Participant

Our Patients

The target population of the Oasis Center is parents in recovery from substance abuse and their dependent children. Many of these clients will be involved with multiple community systems: DHS, Community Justice, Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health. The goal of the Oasis MDT is to facilitate coordination across these domains.

Participation in the MDT is voluntary on the part of the client. The Oasis MDT coordinator presents participants with an overview of the program, outlining both benefits and responsibilities.

Benefits to include: greater coordination of services, facilitated client communication to agencies, and access to family support services.

Our Program

Clients who are engaged with multiple services providers are more likely to benefit from this coordination and are given priority.
• Residency in Jackson County

• Substance abuse or dependency, with priority placed on clients with Opioid Use Disorder requiring Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT);

• Dependent children, at least one of whom is under the age of six;

• Open services with at least one of the following: Child Welfare, Community Justice, or Self-Sufficiency;

• Participants must accept responsibility for their actions and recognize that the program requires on-going participation and effort

Our Team

The MDT is designed to facilitate communication between agencies involved in participants lives. This enables the team to understand a participant’s functioning, coordinate service plans, and minimize duplication of services and requirements.
Each team member has specific objectives and requirements from their agency and places emphasis on meeting these requirements within the greater context of client-centered care and planning.

Team currently includes:
• Oregon Dept. of Human Services (DHS)
• Jackson County Community Justice (Parole and Probation)
• Addictions Recovery Center
• OnTrack, Inc.
• Oasis Center medical staff